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Fereidun Fesharaki was born in the historical city of Isfahan on August 27, 1947 to Mr. Morteza Fesharaki and MS. Mahin Banou Nassiri. Fesharaki is well-knows family in Isfahan and are known in Tehran, as a family of scholars, professionals, and businessmen. The origin of the family is traced to the village of ”Feshark” in the region of Isfahan. In ancient times, everyone born in the “Fesharak” become Fesharaki, but not all of them were relat

Great Grandfather

Fereidun’s great grandfather Mollah Mohammad Hossein Fesharaki, was an Islamic scholar and a religious leader. As an open-minded Ayatollah, he was well respected among both seculariests and religious groups


Fereidun’s grandfather was shamsudin Fesharaki

Father and Mother

Fereidun’s family were lawyers, educators, and scholars. On his father side, both his uncles, Mustapha and Mohammad were graduates of Tehran University Faculty of Law. His aunt had Ph.D. in Geography from Sorbonne University and was a professor of
Geography at Tehran University. His Maternal uncles were lawyers, school principal, and an accountant. His maternal grandfather was a high court judge. His mother Mahin Banou Nassiri is alive and vibrant at the age 87 residing in Tehran.